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Lady Branwyn descends from a centuries old family tradition of Psychics and Spiritual Advisors who have provided spiritual guidance, psychic readings and advice for over 800 years. Lady Branwyn is a gifted empath, clairvoyant, intuitive psychic and spiritual advisor who has great insight into the painful situations that surround her clients. Lady Branwyn works with the utmost honesty, compassion and integrity, adhering to a high code of professional ethics.

Lady Branwyn specializes in:

Love and Relationship Issues
Work and Career
Money and Finances
Dream Interpretation
Life Path and Soul Journey
Health and Medical Issues
Spiritual Growth

Lady Branwyn
is Clairvoyant ~ able to see into your future and provide the guidance you need to ensure your individual and personal empowerment as she assists you in clearly seeing the choices available to you as well as solid advice to ensure your own personal happiness.

Lady Branwyn
is Clairsentient ~ able to touch, taste or smell beyond the natural range of these senses. Having the gift of clairsentience allows Lady Branwyn to see the energy around you and your loved ones.  

Lady Branwyn is also a Medical Intuitive and Empath. As a Medical Intuitive, Lady Branwyn and will often pick up physical manifestations of illnesses and disease of you or those around you. As an empath, Lady Branwyn has a strong empathic disposition and is often able to enter fully into into another's feelings or motives.

Lady Branwyn
uses the tarot as a tool to higher consciousness allowing her to tap into your situation quickly and efficiently.

Lady Branwyn operates with the highest integrity and ethical conduct, and posses respect for her clients and the painful situations that surround them. Lady Branwyn will only deliver what she perceives as the TRUTH concerning your situation. Lady Branwyn will not give you false hope or create a 'happily ever after' fairy tale ending if she does not see one.

Lady Branwyn
seeks to empower YOU so you can make the right choices to create your own personal success and happiness for your life. Please consider this may not be what you ~want~ to hear, but want you NEED to hear to encourage you on your journey as this  will provide clarity so you can

Lady Branwyn is here to help. Lady Branwyn will only deliver what she perceives as the TRUTH. You can schedule a live psychic reading (consultation) by phone from Lady Branwyn, using the Click4Advisor online service or Paypal, by going directly to the Psychic Reading page.  

All psychic readings are personal and confidential.

You can read what client's of Lady Branwyn have to say about her by going to her Client Testimonials page. Here you will find what callers from around the world have to say about their psychic reading experience with Lady Branwyn.

Lady Branwyn has worked with Lady Rhiannon for many years. Lady Rhiannon is a top expert love and relationship psychic advisor on Keen. Lady Rhiannon has spent a lot of her own personal time collecting information on psychic fraud within the telephone psychic reading industry. The Victims of Psychic Scams page  contains letters sent to Lady Rhiannon from victims of psychic fraud.  If you are a victim of psychic fraud and would like you share your story to warn others, please send it to Lady Rhiannon, and include your permission to post the contents on the website. All letters will be censored so that your identity will remain anonymous.

The Goddess Circle page is the Lady Rhiannon's page of recommended psychics. These psychic advisors posses unique psychic gifts, and are known for their professionalism, honesty, accuracy, and ethics. None of these psychic advisors will sell you spells, do aura cleansings, or make false claims to re-unite you with a lost love during your psychic reading. You will only get the truth from this group of psychic advisors, so be prepared.

The Goddess Branwyn page gives insight into the Goddess Branwyn as well as the background and story of this Welsh Goddess.

The products and services page provides links to several sites Lady Branwyn recommends as well as her book recommendations and favorite music.

Lady Branwyn's tarot card page gives you a basic introduction to tarot cards, what to expect from a tarot card psychic reading and a description of how Lady Branwyn uses the tarot to tap into higher consciousness. The Tarot Card page provides the meanings of each tarot card as well as a few sample spread formats and how they can be used during a psychic tarot card reading. Lady Branwyn has worked with the Rider Waite tarot deck for 14 years and has developed her own unique style and interpretations for these tarot cards as well as establishing a psychic reading method that works well for her as well as her clients.

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